04 Dec 2020
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doing good is good business

In this new normal, when organizations are facing difficulty to sustain their business, when consumers have become more aware of the Brands and their promises, Businesses will thrive only if they are driven by a Higher Purpose. This was the essence when Global Thought Leaders came together in a Purpose Round Table echoing the thought that ‘Purpose is imperative for Business” and Business cannot march ahead without adhering to a Higher Purpose.

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Chairman & Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare, Dubai, UAE

Dr. Azad Moopen, speaking from Dubai said that Purpose is Imperative for every Business and Profit becomes just a by-product for organizations practicing Higher Purpose, and for Aster, the aim is to help people and Profit through Purpose. He emphasized that authentic storytelling is even more important in the age of Social Media; Brands have to be authentic and customer advocacy is bringing more trust with Brands than that generated through conventional advertising.


President, IGCAT, Co-founder, Gastronomy Awards, Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Diane, joining from Barcelona, Spain said if Business Leaders do not consider the safety of the Environment then the youth, would soon look the other way, and go against the Brands that harm the Environment thereby losing the trust. Social, Cultural, &Economic transformation of a region is proportional to the pride and values that are inculcated in the people and when small businesses start advocating the larger principle of purpose, they have better growth & the community joins together.


Chairman, Ecube Investment Advisors, Former Brand Custodian, Tata Sons, Mumbai, India

Dr. Mukund joining from Mumbai said that clarity of thought for Business is more important and Trust is the core that Brands are built on and Purpose is the energizing factor that rallies all stakeholders. Profits & Purpose are inextricably linked and Purpose helps long-term financial returns for the organization. Investors are now insisting on the Principles of Environmental, Societal & Governance parameters by companies. He went on to emphasize that Brands need to be authentic, consistent, and therefore Brand Communication becomes very critical.


President, Group HR & Communications, Member, Group Executive Board, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Mumbai, India

Mr. Ruzbeh believes that Purpose creates an alignment across the organization, and employees transform to become committed members of the organization. He said that the ‘Youth of Today’ are more inclined to Purpose than their consideration of basic needs and necessities. The purpose is no longer a luxury, it's an absolute necessity for Business today. ‘Purpose’ may change through generations in an organization but values are sacrosanct. Brands have to be careful that good stories are being told and therefore authentic Purpose would guide you to better stories.

Discussion Leader


Growth Multiplier and Mentor
Mumbai, India

Concluding the conversation, Mr. Madhav Mohan, opined that it is the Purpose Driven Leaders who convert organizations into Institutionss



Founder and Brand Mentor,
Organic BPS, Kochi, India

Mr. Dileep Narayanan, Founder Organic BPS said that the launch of Centre for Higher Purpose in Business, a global community of Thought Leaders across Business and Academia, is to evolve a Body of Knowledge through cross-pollination & co-creation of insightful ideas. The Centre would develop a Purpose Charter based on the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. The Purpose Round Table, a series of thought leadership conversations was the first such initiative of the Centre.

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